Our energy-saving proposal for small and medium-sized businesses up to large corporations with multiple screen workstations helps you save money immediately!

Saving electricity has a direct impact on your account, especially when the annual electricity bill arrives. That’s when you’ll face significant additional payments. Particularly in times of rising electricity prices, it’s worth looking beyond the obvious!

How much electricity do your devices consume in your company? We will show you here how much electricity you can save with Thin Clients or with a Thin Clients solution.

You can easily and without obligation calculate whether a new purchase is worthwhile for you and your company.

* The energy costs identified here refer to the quantities of office PCs, high-end PCs, and laptops without screens, printers, or other peripherals specified above. Consumption values for the operation of a central software distribution, antivirus solution, or similar are not considered.

** As a basis for the electricity consumption of the Thin Client, 10 watts were calculated; this corresponds to the average consumption with normal user behavior. Consumption values for the operation of a central Thin Client administration software are not taken into account.