ThinClient Software

The use of Thin Clients in healthcare - Efficiency and security for hospitals

In today's digital world, an efficient and secure IT infrastructure is of crucial importance in the healthcare industry. Thin Clients provide an optimal solution to meet the specific requirements of hospitals and clinics.

openthinclient can be used in various areas of hospitals, such as administration, medical controlling, patient registration, wards, or doctor's offices. The software offers seamless integration with common interfaces to peripheral devices used in hospitals, including digital dictation devices from Philips, GK readers from Cherry, smart card readers and SSO from Evidian, as well as signature pads from Signotec.

Optimizing office and administrative workstations with Thin Clients

Thin Clients, in combination with Citrix or Windows Terminal Server, are ideal for use in offices and administrative environments. With openthinclient, the boot process is centralized over the network, allowing the workstation PCs to be started and provisioned faster and more securely.

Who hasn't seen the message telling them not to turn off their PC because Update 1 of... is being installed?! These types of update processes often lead to unnecessary losses of work time. When you consider how many employees regularly see this message and how much work time is lost as a result, it quickly becomes clear how important an efficient solution is.

Reliable Thin Client Solution for Industry and Production Facilities

openthinclient stands out for its flexibility and adaptability to the specific requirements of various industry and production sectors. This offers companies the opportunity to find an individually tailored solution that meets their needs and increases productivity in the workplace.

The centralized management of all applications by openthinclient has the advantage of relieving the IT department and minimizing security risks. In addition, openthinclient allows for a straightforward and fast implementation of Thin Clients throughout the entire company, resulting in significant time and resource savings.

openthinclient for IT system houses: Efficient and Flexible

IT system houses play a crucial role in designing and implementing the IT infrastructure of their customers. To meet the requirements of different industries, it is important to offer flexible and efficient solutions such as Thin Clients.

openthinclient is specifically tailored to the needs of IT system houses and meets the various requirements of their customers excellently. With interfaces for numerous industries, openthinclient enables IT system houses to offer their customers an adaptable and efficient solution for daily use in the IT environment.