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häkchen setzen   PXE Boot – no local installation
häkchen setzen   Central administration interface
häkchen setzen   Fast rollout of the thin clients
häkchen setzen   Security through SBC
häkchen setzen   Reduction of electricity costs
häkchen setzen   0 dB due to fanless hardware

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Virtual Appliance 2022.1.3 available
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  • Rework desktop applications
  • Change to chromium as the default web browser
  • Change VNC client to TigerVNC
  • Remove legacy code

Are you looking for a thin client solution for use with Citrix Workspace, Windows Terminal Server or VMware Horizon? openthinclient is easy to install and with centralized browser management you can configure, securely control and quickly scale your endpoints in no time. No local installation is necessary thanks through PXE network boot of the thin clients.

You know this? Keeping the PCs in use up to date is usually a big challenge, because often different Windows operating systems are in use and different peripherals have to work there without any problems? For this the ways are long and the time is short. The openthinclient software offers you a “minimal system” with maximum functionality. A blessing for every IT administrator in the healthcare sector. Compare our thin client software products
You hear it all the time, colleagues are annoyed by. “Update 1 of 48 is being installed, please do not turn off your computer.” This can now be a thing of the past. After switching on the thin clients, they always boot the latest version. Without much effort, the administrator executes the updates in the maintenance window – the actual end user will no longer notice anything. Compare our thin client software products
Especially in the industrial and production environment, many interfaces and peripherals are used, including e.g. serial measuring devices, smartcard readers or scales, to name just a few. The openthinclient manager allows the administrator to manage the configuration of all endpoints in the network from a central location. In addition, we offer robust dust-protected thin client models exclusively for industrial and production companies.Compare our thin client software products
Small, silent and power-saving – these are the requirements for PCs. Thick clients or fat clients are fully equipped, powerful desktop computers that cannot meet these requirements. Treat yourself and your employees to something good and reduce the noise level in your offices. This increases concentration and saves a lot of space, administration effort and, above all, money. Compare our thin client software products
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openthinclient is a combined hardware and software solution.

It includes a linux based OS which is booted over network and a simle and centralized management. The user can work with his terminal session or connect to a virtual desktop.

Existing PCs, TCs or industrial terminals can be easily integrated into the openthinclient manager.

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Compared to PCs & software distribution, a ThinClient solution is much easier to administer. Once set up, a rollout of new clients can be done within minutes.

You reduce licensing costs for various Microsoft products, anti-virus software and software distribution. All in all with the time required for installation and administration you save a considerable amount of money per year and workstation.

Our costumers feedback is that the change to openthinclient has increased the availabilty of their workstations and therewith the productivity of the employee, too.

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Besides DHCP, you need an application to work virtually; for example Windows Terminal Server, Citrix Storefront or VMware Horizon. A 5250 emulation is also available as an application.

You only need Java for the openthinclient manager or use the openthinclient virtual appliance.

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