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ThinClient Management

häkchen setzen   PXE Boot – Network-based booting without local storage
häkchen setzen   Central administration interface
häkchen setzen   Efficient rollout of thin clients
häkchen setzen   Increased security through server-based computing
häkchen setzen   Reduction of energy consumption
häkchen setzen   Noiseless operating environment due to fanless hardware

Virtual Appliance 2022.1.3 available
  • 2clicks2support
  • Revision of desktop applications
  • Switch to Chromium as the default web browser
  • Switching the VNC client to TigerVNC
  • Removing legacy code

Why thin clients?

The advantages of slim mini-computers in the modern work environment

In recent years, thin clients have established themselves as lean computer terminals that are gaining increasing importance in the IT field. As compact, cost-saving mini-computers, thin clients access the resources of a centralized server to run applications. In contrast to conventional desktop computers, they offer less local computing capacity. These characteristics result in advantages, particularly in terms of security. Since thin clients do not store data locally, the risk of data theft or loss is minimized. All data is stored centrally on the server, ensuring better control and protection. With central management using openthinclient, applications, etc., can be controlled and adapted more easily and efficiently. This contributes to improved security and compliance.

Compared to conventional desktop computers, thin clients offer another additional advantage by allowing rapid and cost-effective integration into a centralized IT infrastructure. This is due to the simplified and quick setup and configuration of thin clients, as opposed to conventional computers, where deployment can take several hours.

IT Infrastructure Booster

For all requirements in healthcare

Are long distances and short time windows a daily burden? Would you like to master the challenge of keeping different PCs with various Windows operating systems and peripheral devices up to date? openthinclient offers you a minimal system that guarantees maximum functionality and seamless compatibility with various devices. A true blessing for IT administrators and a milestone in terms of efficiency and time savings. Our solution ensures smooth workflows, minimizes maintenance efforts, and protects sensitive patient data.

Boosting productivity in the office workspace

Increase workplace efficiency with our innovative thin client solution that enables seamless work. Your employees and colleagues benefit from always up-to-date versions without annoying waiting times or interruptions. Our software allows administrators to work unobtrusively in the background, ensuring end-user productivity is not compromised. Test us today and experience for yourself how openthinclient makes your workday more efficient, flexible, and smooth.

Relieving IT admins: Effective in production

Optimize your IT infrastructure in industrial and production environments with openthinclient, the ideal solution for connecting various interfaces and peripheral devices such as serial measuring devices, smart card readers, scales, and many more. Our powerful thin client software allows the administrator to centrally control all endpoint configurations via the openthinclient manager, perfectly tailored to industrial requirements. Additionally, we offer robust thin client models exclusively for industrial and production companies. Improve your workflows and security in your business.

IT System Integrator: IT infrastructure for your clients

Strengthen your position as an IT system integrator. Our thin client solution offers your clients numerous advantages by reducing space requirements, administrative effort, and costs while simultaneously improving working conditions and concentration. Rely on our years of experience and expertise, and be convinced by our tailor-made solutions. We support you in integrating thin clients successfully into your portfolio and offering your clients top-notch IT solutions. Benefit from the many advantages our thin client software can provide for your business.

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