The offer of openthinclient gmbh is exclusively directed to
to commercial customers (B2B).

The warranty period is 24 months from the date of delivery.
The purchaser shall inspect the delivered goods for any defects immediately upon receipt and notify openthinclient of any existing defects.

In case of warranty claims in B2B business, the purchaser shall bear the costs for returning the goods to openthinclient.

The warranty covers the function of the hardware as such. I.e. function of power supply, ThinClient, all connections, RAM, CPU, mainboard, and offers the possibility to install an operating system for these system components.

The warranty does not cover the individual functions within the operating system or the software running on the ThinClient.

Please register and have the serial number of the ThinClient ready.

openthinclient RMA


RMA via Ticketsystem

To simplify communication between you and us for processing a hardware defect, we use a ticket system.

This allows you to quickly and easily create an RMA type process. You can see the processing progress, i.e. whether the device is still under warranty, being repaired or exchanged.

ThinClients usually have a long service life due to the fact that they have no fans or moving parts. However, if a ThinClient does fail to perform, your device will be repaired under warranty or replaced free of charge.


  • Register on our ticket system
  • Create a new case of the type “Defective device RMA”.
  • Enter there the serial number and error description
  • You will receive a return note within 24 hours.
  • Print it out and enclose it with the defective ThinClient.
  • Send the device to the following address

openthinclient gmbh
Allmend 3
71549 Auenwald

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