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Stuttgart, March 22, 2022

Last weekend you could visit us at the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage.

As in the years before, many technical discussions could be held and there was a lively exchange between interested parties and our technical staff.

Unfortunately, the current situation and the resulting lack of planning security did not allow us to hold the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage at a real meeting place.

So it was implemented in purely digital form and was very well received by the visitors as well as our staff.

At the booth we showed how to set up and boot a ThinClient with a camera and screen parts. Some interested visitors came, who want to use this solution in their company. For example, it was about the replacement of Teradici by openthinclient with VMware-Horizon, or about the use of 200 already existing clients of other manufacturers with RDP. New contacts to Debian developers opened exciting discussions about PXE, boot protocols and X servers.

Particularly noteworthy was the talk “Linux on a leash” by our Development & Support staff member Jörn Frenzel, which was very well attended with 68 visitors. You can watch this lecture again soon, please use the following address

In our team new actions and offers are already ripening, so that openthinclient gmbh will be represented again in the coming year!

Screenshot aus dem CLT-Adventure - virtuelle Ausstellung

Stuttgart, 06 October 2021

On October 05, Microsoft’s announced update from Windows 10 to Windows 11 appeared. According to Microsoft, the free update has a modern design. The catch is that the update can only be installed on relatively new PCs.

Around 50% of business PCs not suitable for Windows 11

For current Windows 10 users, a tool installs in the background to test whether the hardware meets the requirements of the new operating system. For many millions of PC owners worldwide, this will reveal that their system is too old. Experts say that only just under half of today’s PCs are suitable for Windows 11.
For example, Intel processors of the sixth or seventh generation are no longer supported; furthermore, Windows 11 requires the controversial Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0.

Using the PC as a thin client

What do you do if your computer fails the hardware test and the actual PC is apparently not that old after all?
For SMBs and mid-sized companies, this would be an ideal time to switch to server-based computing (SBC). A PC could be used as a ThinClient, opening a remote desktop connection to the virtual workstation after booting. This is particularly interesting for companies with 100 or more employees that already use TerminalServer or Citrix. This means that hardware that is not suitable for Windows 11 could continue to be used for a few more years.
At the same time, the workload for administrators will decrease noticeably, since managing hundreds of ThinClients is child’s play. This frees up time for other important IT projects.

PXE boot: conversion and testing a breeze

The advantage of openthinclient is that ThinClients are booted via the network using PXE. Thus the conversion of a PC to a ThinClient is done with a simple setting of the boot order in the bios. This makes it possible to quickly and easily test openthinclient with existing PCs. The openthinclient solution does not install anything on the PCs. This means that once the test is complete, the bios setting can be undone and the work and function of the already installed Windows 10 can continue as before.

Source link:

To download the openthinclient management server:

openthinclient Windows 10 auf Windows11

Stuttgart, December 03, 2020

Due to high demand, openthinclient has added the two tools Microsoft Teams and Zoom as a native application.

Using the openthinclient manager, customers can now create such video conferencing or screensharing applications with just a few clicks, and assign them directly to the ThinClients. This allows the user to start and use Teams or Zoom locally from the ThinClient. In parallel, it is still possible to run these collaboration tools as plugins via Citrix Workspace. Administrators can install the apps in the package management of the openthinclient manager (from version 2020.x).

For home office users there is a new version 2020.2.1 of openthinclient-on-a-Stick. the download link can be ordered via the webshop as 0.00 EUR evaluation.

openthinclient teams zoom

Stuttgart, December 03, 2020

In November, the new version of the openthinclient software will be released in version 2020.2. Intel-compatible 64-bit ThinClients or existing PCs will be supported.
The solution is available in two versions. On the one hand with central management to boot clients with the Linux-based ThinClient operating system in companies. Server-based applications such as Citrix or RDP can then be used. A Chromium browser executable natively on the ThinClient can be used for working with pure cloud computing.

openthinclient management server boots client via PXE and UEFI
With the new release, support for UEFI PXE has been added in addition to PXE boot. This allows newer hardware to be booted with the openthinclient OS over the LAN. In this case, it is not necessary to install an image on the client and adding, booting and administering a new thin client is done within minutes.

OS-on-a-Stick for standalone thin clients
The second variant is openthinclient-OS-on-a-Stick – a live system that includes not only the OS and the apps already mentioned, but also the management locally. This stick is ideal for use in the home office. It can be plugged into any PC or laptop, then boots from this stick and allows access to the Citrix or terminal servers in the company. To enable this securely, OpenVPN is included as an app.

Citrix Workspace with Teams and Zoom plug-in ideal for use in the home office
Both variants include the latest Citrix Workspace app with plugins for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
To test the software both openthinclient versions can be ordered as evaluation via the webshop for 0,00 Euro.


openthinclient pressemitteilung version 2020.2