free community version

The openthinclient software can be used freely up to a number of 24 ThinClients with full functionality without time limit.
However, without support and SLAs.

Supported ThinClients
Tested and released for openthinclient hardware, use also with x86 compatible clients that support PXE boot.

openthinclient server
Central server component that is set up with the installer. Includes all components for system services, network boot, management, ThinClient operating system.

openthinclient manager
Management of the openthinclient installation via browser, for central administration of ThinClients, applications, groups, printers, locations, AD connection, and much more.

ThinClient operating system based on Linux. Configuration options via the openthinclient manager for desktop, display settings, USB, and much more.

Included third party software: Citrix Workspace, FreeRDP, rdesktop, VMware Horizon, Chromium

Overview & Functionality

  An overview of the functionality of openthinclient can be downloaded here as a PDF.