Requirements ThinClients

In principle, any PC or thin client can be used as long as it meets these requirements:

  • ✅ Intel-compatible x86 CPU
  • ✅ 64 Bit Hardware
  • ✅ Network card supported PXE boot

What we do not support:

  • ❌ ARM architecture

You can find more info here in our documentation.

openthinclient ThinClient BLACK.QUADRO

Requirements server

The requirements for using the openthinclient software are very low. The openthinclient software can be downloaded pre-installed as a virtual appliance or installer. Virtual appliance for:
  • ✅ VMware
  • ✅ vSphere
  • ✅ Virtual Box
  • ✅ HyperV
Installer for:
  • ✅ Windows 64 Bit
  • ✅ Linux 64 Bit
Basic requirements: Network with DHCP For more information about the system requirements, please refer to our documentation.

Booting the Thin Clients

After the ThinClient is switched on, it sends a broadcast to the network. The client is then assigned an IP address by the DHCP server.

The DHCP proxy function of the openthinclient server listens to this assignment of the IP address recognizes the ThinClient. The server then sends the boot file via TFTP. The loading process of the openthinclient OS via PXE begins.

openthinclient Bootvorgang PXE


server based computing

Server-Based Work

After loading the operating system on the ThinClient
the application for server-based work can be started, e.g.

  • RDP client
  • Citrix Receiver
  • VMware Horizon

The connection to the terminal server or virtual desktop is established and after logging in with user and password, the user can start working.
can start his work.