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Test this thin client for 4 weeks for free in your environment.

The model BLACK.QUADRO is a powerful 4x 4K ThinClient with an AMD Ryzen Processor. It is characterized by significantly lower power consumption, without sacrificing the most useful features. Key features include support for up to four screens, network connectivity, and multiple I/O ports, all housed in a size-conscious casing that can comfortably fit on a desk or be hidden out of sight. The AMD® V Series with Dual-Core also guarantees substantial computing power.

When integrated with centralized management by the openthinclient Management Server*, the openthinclient® model boots via the network (PXE). By using the integrated SSD, the ThinClient – after the appropriate configuration in the management software* – can also boot locally.

General performance data

General Performance Data
CPU Performance ★★★
Graphics Performance ★★★
Connections and Expandability ★★★
Use with Remote Desktop RDP
Use with Citrix Workspace
Use with Native Browser
Area of Application Office
CPU AMD V1202B Dual-Core up to 3.2GHz
GPU Radeon™ Vega 3
Max. Resolution 3840×2160
DP 4 x
HDMI 1 x
Connections / Expandability
Serial COM Interface
USB 2.0 5 x
USB 3.2 2 x
USB 3.2 Type C 1x
Internal Slots 1 x mSATA 1 x M.2 E key
Weight and Size
Size of the ThinClient Approx. 230x210x53 mm
Weight (ThinClient without power supply) 1500 g
Power Supply External Power Supply 60W, DC 12V/5A
ThinClient Software
Approved for
openthinclient version
Supports PXE-Boot
Supports Localboot
Usage Rights & Support 24 months included
Warranty on Hardware 24 months (Bring


Here you can download the datasheet as Pdf.
Datasheet openthinclient Model BLACK.QUADRO


ThinClients usually have a long service life due to the fact that they have no fans or moving parts. However, if a ThinClient does fail to perform, your device will be repaired under warranty or replaced free of charge.

Procedure RMA (return of goods)

For an RMA report please use our ticket system.
After creating a new case, we will check if the ThinClient is still within warranty.
You will then receive a goods return bill, which you please enclose for further assignment of the return delivery.
Please follow this description.

Warranty conditions

The offer of openthinclient gmbh is exclusively directed to commercial customers (B2B).
The warranty period is 24 months from the date of delivery.
The purchaser must inspect the delivered goods for any defects immediately upon receipt and notify openthinclient of any existing defects.
In case of warranty claims in B2B business, the buyer bears the cost of returning the goods to openthinclient.
You can find more information here.

User authorization & support

The purchase of ThinClient hardware includes the right to use & support the openthinclient software for a period of 24 months.
Free use of the software

You can use the openthinclient software free of charge for this ThinClient model as well as for your own client hardware (e.g. existing PCs) with an installation size of up to 24 ThinClients.
For support please use the free community support.
For professional support it is necessary to register an installation of 25 ThinClients or more.

More information about the pricing model can be found here > Software

Obtaining usage rights

1. enter the server ID of your installation at the delivery address when purchasing the ThinClient hardware.
2. for installations of 25 ThinClients or more, you will receive professional support with guaranteed response times.
3. if you use your own hardware in addition to openthinclient devices, you have to purchase the usage rights additionally.
4. you can check the registration of your installation at
5. there you will also find the corresponding usage authorization – if your openthinclient server has unrestricted internet access, it will fetch it automatically; if not, you can copy and paste it from the registration ticket and enter it into the corresponding field in the openthinclient manager.

For all general questions about registration, usage rights for hardware purchases made in the past, please use our support portal with the link

More info about the pricing model can be found here > Software

Terms and conditions for DEMO-UNITS

1. openthinclient provides the thin client to the customer for demo and testing of function and usage. 2. The test period begins with receipt of the thin client and ends after 4 weeks or on the agreed date. Before the test period has expired, the thinclient including all accessories must be returned to openthinclient in the original packaging. 3. The customer has the option of purchasing the thin client at the price offered. This only requires a written order. If the customer sends the thin client back on his own charge and before the due date, the test has ended and the customer has no further costs. If the customer does not return the goods or only returns them incomplete before the trial period has expired, the customer will be invoiced. 4. The customer must treat the thin client with care and kept it operational. In the case of malfunction or damage the customer has to inform the openthinclient gmbh immediately. Any unauthorized repairs are strictly forbidden. The customer assures that the products are only used for the intended purpose. 5. The customer is fully liable for all damages caused by himself or third as well as loss and risks which are usually could be insured. The customer also has to pay for necessary repair costs. 6. The openthinclient gmbh retains ownership of the products for the complete duration of the loan time. 7. The current price list of openthinclient gmbh applies. The prices can be viewed on the website