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Small and noiseless
In principle, ThinClients are fanless and therefore noiseless. Many companies work in open-plan offices or with shared desks. Assuming you are using classic PCs today, they have a CPU cooler and a thermally controlled fan in the power supply.
Close your eyes and hide your colleagues' voices. Do you hear this noise?
Wouldn't it be great if the computer didn't "buzz" ?! Could that possibly increase your concentration a little?
No waiting times due to Windows update
Who does not know that this message should not be switched off the PC because update 1 of 93 is installed ....?!
If you then think about how many employees see this message regularly and how much working time is lost in total, you would get a shock.
With ThinClients, this will no longer happen in the future. The clients always boot the latest version after switching on. Nothing is installed on the device itself. The updates within the remote desktop connection are usually carried out by the administrators in a maintenance window so that the end user actually does not notice it.
Several screens for a better overview
Many employees in offices now work in multitasking. Write an email, notify the customer of the order status on the phone, and also approve the scanned delivery note.
With only one screen, this means that the windows in the background or foreground must be clicked continuously. These are unproductive work steps and a few seconds are lost with each task change, which can add up to several working hours at the end of the month.
openthinclient supports multi-monitor. Two or three screens can be connected to the ThinClient. Also rotated by 90 ° on request. For example, Outlook can be opened effortlessly and clearly on the left display and a newly arrived email can be read quickly, the right-hand rotated display shows the DMS system and scanned A4 documents can be reproduced in their original size.

Photo: Zweygart Fachandelsgruppe
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