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Less updates
Among other things, IT administrators face the challenge of keeping the PCs used up to date. This means, for example, regular updates, whereby a common problem is that different Windows operating systems are used at the same time. A lot of time is also lost when starting or shutting down the PC, since the user has to wait for updates to be completed. With its thinclient workstation, openthinclient offers hospitals a "minimal system with maximum functionality"
ThinClients in production
ThinClients can be ideally used in production for the production data acquisition or display of machine status.
Small fanless thin clients or robust panel PCs can be managed within the openthinclient manager.
Many interfaces
Especially in the industrial environment, there are numerous peripheral devices that should collect and forward data. Serial scales, serial meters or smart card readers are just three examples. Furthermore, depending on the field of application, label printers or POS systems must be connected.
For this openthinclient offers devices with many interfaces and allows the administrator the configuration in a central place.
Robust hardware
For use in harsh production environments, openthinclient offers the dust-protected models.
The client can also do its job at higher ambient temperatures.
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