Support via Ticketsystem

In order to simplify communication with you and us to handle a malfunction, we use a ticket system. With this you can quickly and easily create a process of the type Support. You can see the processing progress, screenshots or log files can be attached. Please register under
and have your customer ID or Server ID ready.

RMA via ticket system


Thinclients usually have a long life due to the fact that they have no fans or moving parts. However, if a thinclient refuses service, your device will be repaired or replaced free of charge within the warranty.

To make it easier for you and us to communicate with a hardware defect, we use a ticket system.
Allows you to quickly and easily create an RMA type transaction. You see the processing progress, and whether the device is still in warranty, it is repaired or exchanged.

Ablauf RMA (Warenrücksendung)

1. Register at our ticket system
2. Create a new issue "Defective device RMA" 
3. Enter the serial number and error description there
4. You will then receive a pdf with the RMA-registration within 24 hours
5. Print it out and attach it to the defective thinclient
6. Send the device to the following address:
    openthinclient gmbh
    Allmend 3   
    71549 Auenwald   
Here you can download a description of the RMA handling as Pdf (in German language).
> openthinclient_RMA.pdf

Warranty conditions

The openthinclient gmbh quotations are aimed exclusively at commercial customers (B2B).
The buyer must check the delivered goods immediately after receipt for any defectiveness and inform openthinclient of any existing defects.
For warranty claims in B2B business, the buyer bears the cost of returning the goods to openthinclient.
The warranty covers the function of the hardware as such. That function of power supply, thinclient, all ports, RAM, CPU, motherboard, and provides the ability to install an operating system for these system components.
The warranty does not cover the individual functions within the operating system or the software running on the thinclient.

Bitte registrieren Sie sich unter
und halten Sie dieSeriennummer des ThinClients bereit.

Freier Community Support

Customers can use the openthinclient software for installation sizes up to 49 clients free of charge. Tips and information on setting up, configuring and using the software can be found here in our documentation.
For questions please use the FAQ page.

To ask a question, you must first log in to the portal.
Please understand that this does not guarantee a timely response.
We would like to ask you to help other users!

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