The openthinclient® Software Suite

Our software is distinguished by the smooth interaction of outstanding features and  appraised for its versatility. Most importantly: it is free. No licence means unlimited free updates, independence from marketing strategies of manufacturers and open sources. We offer you a sustainable solution for the administration of your work stations.

The Operating System

openthinclient® OS is based on Linux and allows for the simultaneous operation of hardware by various thin client manufacturers, standard PCs as well as a wide range of peripheral devices.
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The Manager

The openthinclient® Manager offers a detailed image of your computer architecture. Levels of abstraction are grouped and assigned accordingly. This safeguards a clear and efficient administration. A pre-existing user management such as Active Directory can be easily integrated.

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The Server

The openthinclient® Server provides the necessary services for launching the configured operating system via network. Physical modifications of the hardware, local installations on individual devices and interferences in the existing architecture are thus unnecessary. Since openthinclient® Server is based on Java it is platform independent.
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