The prerequisites for using the openthinclient software are very low.
The openthinclient software can be downloaded pre-installed as a virtual appliance, and e.g. to be imported into vSphere.
Furthermore, we offer an installer for Windows and Linux to run the software on one of your servers.


The prerequisites for your network are:

  • Network with DHCP
  • The openthinclient-software must not be installed on the domain controller or DHCP server
  • The thinclients must be in the same subnet as the openthinclient-server

(There are exceptions for localoot thinclients.)



The virtual appliance can be imported into one of the following virtualizers:

  • VMware vSphere
  • Virtual Box
  • HyperV


For the execution of the installer must be the prerequisite:

  • about 10GB free hard disk space
  • no DHCP service on this server

More information can be found here in the Wiki.

Which thinclients

In principle, any PC or thinclient can be used provided it meets these requirements:

  • Intel-compatible x86 hardware
  • 32 or 64 Bit
  • Networkcard supports PXE-boot

Currently we do not support:

  • UEFI
  • WLAN

More information can be found here in the wiki.

Functional principle

The openthinclient-software consists of a thinclient operating system based on Linux, different thinclient applications for the remote desktops, shared apps, or cloud applications and a central service for the management, allocation and grouping of thinclients and applications.

The individual components

The openthinclient-OS is the linux-based thinclient operating system based on Debian 9. It is optimized for use with thinclients in order to achieve a balance between the range of functions and performant work in day-to-day business. There are numerous applications to work with Windows Terminal Server, Citrix Xen Workspace or VMware Horizon. Of course, a local browser is available for cloud and web applications.

The openthinclient-server includes the services to boot thinclients via PXE and to save all settings in a database. The technology is based on Spring and is a contemporary platform that offers high stability of the system.

The openthinclient-manager is the administration tool to quickly and easily add new thinclients, to give clients applications and permissions, to group them and to centrally manage all settings of the installation. The openthinclient-manager is executed in the browser and can thus be started from any workstation.





After switching on the thinclient, it sends a broadcast to the network. The client is then assigned an IP address by the DHCP server. The DHCP proxy function of the openthinclient-server after the IP address has been assigned detects the thinclient and sends the boot file via TFTP. The loading process of the openthinclient-OS via PXE begins.

Starting the application




After loading the operating system, the server-based application can be started on the thinclient (for example, RDP client, Citrix receiver, VMware Horizon). The connection to the terminal server or virtual desktop is established and after the login process with user and password can be started.



The software can be used free of charge up to 49 thinclients. All functions are unlocked. For 50+ thinclients, a license and support is required. Here you will find the price list.
Test our software with you in the company and get a picture of operation and functionality.

Software-download via webshop

To test the openthinclient software, please proceed as follows:
Buy over our shop the software download for 0,00 Euro

Link to Download

After a short processing time you will receive an order confirmation with the link for direct download of the installer or the virtual appliance.


There are always questions in connection with the range of functions, the license to use or general to the products of openthinclient gmbh on. Please take a look at our FAQs.

If your question is not listed or not answered in full, please call us or send us an email.
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