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The Zweygart Fachhandelsgruppe GmbH & Co. KG is located in tradeing with production connections for craft and industry. The focus is on tools, fastening technology and fittings. For this purpose, Zweygart operates 12 specialist stores and branches across Germany, all of which are equipped with thinclients, as well as a large logistics center and, of course, online trading via a web shop.

Even if the classic IBM 5250 application looks a little dusty at first glance, it is and remains a system with high availability for inventory management or accounting applications. In conjunction with Office products on Windows terminal servers, Zweygart provides users with a comprehensive IT workstation.
In addition to the office users, a few thinclients are in use in the warehouse, which only run a terminal application for the i-Series as a native application.
Mr. Dr. Zweygart sees the advantage clearly in the fact that he can quickly and easily provide the full infrastructure to the users via the RDP connection without first having to install a server, storage, PC or similar locally in the respective branch. Even with a narrow bandwidth, the look and feel for the end user is similar to that of working on a thinclient at the company headquarters.
Other advantages of thinclients are, for example, security, since USB devices can be deactivated centrally, or explicitly released again for individual clients. Local installation of software on the thinclient-OS is not possible for the user.

For Mr. Zweygart in the openthinclient manager is the presentation of the individual workplaces very clear: “For me, the administration is very easy because I can pin the configuration to the workstation, and so I can easily see which user has provided Office and which one not."

The hardware and software from openthinclient takes on an important function for the SWR: The more than 100 thinclients control the display of traffic reports in the broadcasting studios of the radio programs SWR1, SWR3, SWR4, DasDing and SWR Info. This display must be trouble-free and fail-safe. Operation is very easy by connecting a special traffic terminal keyboard, scrolling within the messages and confirming traffic jams or ghost drivers is done with just 3 buttons.
Using a failover system specially implemented by openthinclient, the thinclient continuously checks whether the connection to the terminal server exists and is ready for operation, otherwise the system automatically switches to a second system. Thinclients are ideal for use in broadcast studios due to the fact that they are fanless and therefore noiseless.
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