Hardware ThinClient for the production environment


Thin client for the production environment

In harsh production environments thin clients are exposed to greater stresses and strains than in the office. The surrounding air is often polluted, oily, dusty and the ambient temperature is high. openthinclient also offers a suitable device for this.

Thin clients in industrial use

Increased temperature range

In areas at production companies, the ambient temperatures are well above the usual values. Some companies have furnaces to melt raw materials such as aluminum, to liquefy plastics, to dry or harden objects, etc.

Production data must also be displayed and processed in such production stages. The industrial thin clients from openthinclient have an extended temperature range and can be used here.

Dusty environment

Depending on the industry and processing step, the environment may be heavily polluted. Whether it is when sawing wood, sanding metal or processing cardboard boxes: the concentration of dust particles in the air is increased.

In devices with ventilation slots - or worse, in PCs with fans - this dust gets into the housing and settles there on components and cooling fins. It is then only a matter of time before the board fails. To avoid this, the industrial TCs are dust-protected and only convection-cooled.

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