Hardware all-in-one device


All-in-one device

For many application an all-in-one device makes more sense than the separate variant of screen and client. The all-in-one device from openthinclient has integrated a powerful thin client unit into the display housing. The device is equipped with a resistive touch display, which can also be operated with gloves or a pen.


  • thin client integrated in the screen
  • including touch function

Chic and elegant

Many customers use information terminals to offer customers or visitors the opportunity to display or provide information. This can be in the reception area or in demo rooms in which your own products are displayed, in order to display additional information interactively.

The advantage is that significantly fewer cables are required "behind" the device. Some of our all-in-one clients are also a touchscreen. I.e. Due to the appropriate design of the software, buttons can be used that can be easily operated with the fingers.

Display and confirmation in production

Our customers also use the all-in-one clients in production or commissioning. Usually production data of the PPS or MES system are displayed. E.g. the employee is given a list of articles which are to be packed next. When he's done, he can press a large "Confirm" button or another button, such as "Not all items available".

The integration of mainboard, monitor and mouse in one device offers enormous advantages for these areas of application.

Technical data and ordering options

Further information on key technical data, availability and price can be found here in the webshop.
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