FAQ OS-on-a-Stick



How can I test OS-on-a-stick?

Buy the article OS-on-a-stick-evaluation for 0.00 Euro via our webshop. After a few minutes you will receive an email with the link to download the image.
Then copy this image to a USB stick using a tool or the corresponding command. You can then boot your computer, PC, laptop or thin client directly from this stick.

What happens when the trial period expires?

OS-on-a-stick shows the remaining time in days when the client is starting. 
When the test period has expired, a license PIN must be entered in order to continue using the stick.

Will software be installed on my PC?

No. The openthinclient-OS boots from the USB stick. All settings and configurations (e.g. setting up a Windows terminal server connection) are saved on the stick. The hard drive built into the PC or laptop is not used and no software is installed.

Can I install the openthinclient-OS on the hard disk / a built-in memory?

Yes. In principle, you can also write the image to a built-in memory. (Note that the entire disk is used by openthinclient-OS.)


If I want to buy the stick, how does it work?

You buy a usage license for 12, 24 or 36 months via the web shop. You will then receive an invoice or delivery note with a PIN code. Enter this PIN code in the local management. Then a license is requested from the openthinclient server and activated.

How is the license activated?

The license is activated based on your MAC address.


What hardware requirements are there?

OS-on-a-stick only runs with Intel-x86-compatible hardware. For performance reasons we recommend using a 64 bit platform with at least 1GB RAM.
ARM architecture, e.g. Raspberry is not supported!