Functional Principle

How does the openthinclient software work?

System Requirements

The following requirements should be met to use the openthinclient Software Suite in your company:
• LAN network with DHCP server
• Terminal Server or similar architecture for server-based work
• Server with Java for the installation / operation of openthinclient Software Suite (alternatively, the openthinclient software suite can be operated as a Virtual Machine *)
•ThinClients who support PXE boot

Principle of operation (1)


• After turning on the ThinClient sends a broadcast in the network. The client is then assigned an IP address by the DHCP server.
• The DHCP proxy function of openthinclient server also “listens” and sends after the assignment of the IP address, the boot file. The loading of the openthinclient OS via PXE starts.

Principle of operation (2)


• After the operating system has been loaded, the application for server-based work can be started on the thin client (for example, RDP client, Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizon).
• The connection to the terminal server or virtual desktop is made and after the registration you can begin to work.